advisa – animated ads

Advisa was founded in 2011 with the business idea of making it easier for anyone to improve their personal finances. Since its launch, Advisa has facilitated over 350 000 customers in assessing their loans and credits with simple and digital processes. Role Animator Year 2023 Illustrator Yotin Inkammoon Concept The idea of this animation is… Read More

cut the cord

Cut the Cord was my teams contribution to the Mother Expo 2017 by Hyper Island. The task was to interpret the word mother and use our learnings at Hyper to do so. Cut the Cord is a visual and aural art installation, aiming to awaken feelings and recognition. The installation consists of a telephone booth… Read More

kökets box

The brief for Kökets box was to create a B2B-video that is inspiring, yet informative. It is meant to be shown at client meetings and on the corporate side of Kökets box website. Our vision was to create a stop-motion world where products come to life and see the benefits of Kökets box, as they… Read More


Watch "Finder girl" Watch "Jetski grandma" Watch "Finder bros" Distriktstandvården is Stockholm’s leading chain in dentistry. On their 17 available clinics in Stockholm work committed dentists and dental hygienists. They offer general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental care. My team from Hyper Island and I were given the task to produce short animations promoting… Read More

a failed pitch

These are illustrations from a losing pitch, for an animation project that never made it to production. But I like the character and think it deserves a spot. Services Illustration, ideation and storyboarding Year 2017 My role Creative director Read More