best of brands – rebranding

At Best of Brands you’ll find a curated selection from over 150 international and local fashion houses and designers. Wether you are looking for suits, party wear, casual outfits or selected interior design, Best of Brands is the store for you. The new identity I saw this rebranding as an opportunity to start over completely.… Read More

Oute aim to become a go to destination for everything outdoor. With rigorous testing and a love for the Swedish nature, Oute try to find, produce and design high quality products to meet the tough standards suitable for the Scandinavian terrain. As a Co-founder, head of creative and e-commerce my responsibilities stretches all the way… Read More

campadre – rebranding

Campadre started 2007 as a flash sale shopping club for fashion and accessories. 2020 they entered the top 50 largest e-commerce retailers in Sweden. Their brand has really changed with time, and with a much wider range of products, a growing "never out of stock" selection and a newly launched marketplace it was time for… Read More


Choice is a privilege. But what is choice when you do not know your options? Vårdvalet does all the things you wish that Vårdguiden would do, and more. With this application you will have full control of your health care, be able to rate, review and choose the right care for your own personal needs.… Read More